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What to expect before and during the installation?

Before the installation

Home Energy Scotland grant or loan application

You should try and contact at least 3 installers for quotes, to find someone who’s the right fit for the job and to make sure you’re getting a fair price.

Contact an installer

30 minutes

Receive a basic quote

Enquiries are usually responded to within one working week

Property visit and heat loss calculation

It’s normal for some installers to charge a fee for the property visit and heat loss calculation. This fee is usually removed from the final cost of the work, if you choose to contract that installer.
One to two hours

Comprehensive quote

It’s a good idea to get a comprehensive quote from at least three installers. However, each installer doesn’t have to come for a site visit. Many installers are happy to use the assessment from another installer’s site visit.
Usually within one working week of the in-depth property visit assessment

Choose installer and sign contract

It’s common practice for the installer to require 50%-75% of the payment before the work begins.

Home upgrades

You will need to update your EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) to reflect the changes you’ve made and for your installer to claim the grant. You’ll need to book a separate EPC assessment for this. This can usually be done after your heat pump is installed, so that your EPC is completely up to date and includes your new heat pump as well as insulation upgrades. Some installers may prefer you to renew your EPC before they begin work, so they’re sure the grant can be claimed afterwards.

During the installation

Outdoor unit installation

Remove your boiler and flush system

Plumb in the new heat pump

Install controls and configure system

Perform checks

After the installation


Home Energy Scotland grant claim or loan repayments